• Facial Treatments

    Facial Treatments

    Make yourself feel rejuvenated a bespoke facial treatment

  • Give your face a treat

    Give your face a treat

    A facial will make your skin feel rejuvenated and younger

Welcome to Facials

Having a facial of any kind is a very personal experience for the individual, which is why it is essential that you do tell me about any skin conditions or allergies that you may have so I can tailor the treatment for you which will still be greatly beneficial to you.

I have sensitive skin myself, and being of the fair skinned type I do not use any harsh smelling products on my skin because a) they instantly irritate me, and b) I just don't like them.

The products I use for facials have no harsh smells or chemicals in them and I use them on my own skin. If you would prefer me to use products you like, or that you know work well for you but have not had an opportunity to see how they work in a facial then please bring them along to your treatment and I will happily tailor the treatment for you, but please do tell me in advance of your appointment if you have any skin conditions so I can be aware.

Treatment 1

Mini Facial

20 minutes


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Treatment 2

Deep Cleansing Facial

30 minutes


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Treatment 3

Luxury Facial

45 minutes


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